August 26, 2017
by Ismail Rifaat
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Tychiformation as “Neo-Enlightenment”

I recently corresponded with my dear friend Jeff Stevenson; an astute intellectual colleague. Jeff, who is familiar with my work, made an interesting observation that got me thinking. Citing the Enlightenment Movement of yore, he indicated that tychiformation perhaps reflects a contemporary parallel, which he dubs “Neo-Enlightenment”; he meant this in a positive sense, contrary to an earlier usage of the term to designate a counter enlightenment movement, also referred to as “Dark-Enlightenment”, or as Jeff labels it “Endarkenment”. Jeff cited contemporary political and societal ills, and pointed out the role of “Neo-Enlightenment” in addressing them.

The Enlightenment Movement, also referred to as “The Age of Reason”, was widely popular in Europe in the eighteenth century. It promoted personal liberty, tolerance, freedom of religion, and the separation of church and religion; among many other progressive doctrines. Most notably, the movement promoted reason as the primary source of authority and legitimacy.

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July 31, 2017
by Ismail Rifaat
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A Possible Blessing in Disguise!?

The election of Mr. Trump as president about eight months ago, spurred the media on TV and news papers to engage in analyzing this unexpected development, expressing either elation or lamentation about his election. After six months of his assuming power, the con voices seem to be overwhelming the pro faction supporting the president, and the con camp seems to be continuously gaining more ground in negatively painting his actions; as amply demonstrated in recent polls of his presidency.

Many of the President’s detractors dwell on criticizing his unorthodox style in conducting state affairs; which is in fact appreciated by his followers. Others deride his position regarding global environmental and trade issues. Others yet are concerned about his promise to ‘make America great again’ by increasing ‘defense’ spending, cutting the government’s contributions to heath care, and reducing taxes on corporations and the wealthiest of Americans.

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April 27, 2017
by Ismail Rifaat
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The content of the site was edited and reorganized to better explain the evolution and intent of tychiformation.  

Also, the site was initially conceived to allow interactive communication about global issues in democratic fashion as envisioned in my first book. Due to limited resources, this ambitious idea was abandoned. However, a link to communicate with me -below my photo on the top left- has been now provided for interested visitors who wish to participate in the discussion of the topics presented on the site. Links to social media, will be soon added as well to spread the word.

How come update now!? The site expresses views recognized as “progressive”. They promote globalization and working together to attain common goals. For some years we seemed to be moving in progressive directions. Alas however, the word “progressive” and what it denotes have recently fallen out of favor internationally, in the UK, the US, France and around the world, whereby sentiments are moving in an opposite conservative direction; for example, compare the Obama administration with the current administration of President Trump!

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November 14, 2016
by Ismail Rifaat
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How come, President-elect Trump!?

Traditionally, the Democratic Party has been recognized as the party of the people, while the Republican Party has been acknowledged as supporting business interests and the wealthiest amongst us. Without any doubt, the majority of US citizens are experiencing negative economic conditions, while the top 1% is skimming the cream off of the common people’s toil. So, how come the people elected a billionaire republican to be their next president!?

In my view, the Democratic Party apparatus is the main culprit. Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders understood the issues at hand, and presented an astute agenda to address them. The Democratic Party apparatus could have stood behind him; little doubt in my mind that he would have fared better against Mr. Trump. Instead, the Democratic Party promoted Secretary Clinton, who has been affiliated with special interests in the US, which in turn, substantially weakened her challenge of Mr.

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September 23, 2016
by Ismail Rifaat
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The Philosophical Foundations of Tychiformation

A Report of Personal Experience, and Suggestions for Strategic Direct Democratic TychiformationThis site features three books that I published in the past few years. However, I actually authored four.

The first book I wrote is titled “A Report of Personal Experience, and Suggestions for Strategic Direct Democratic Tychiformation”. I completed the 8th ‘final’ draft in June 2003. It is philosophical -the main reason why I did not publish it, since very few nowadays are inclined to read a philosophical discourse. The book though is relevant to exposing the development of my thoughts. Therefore, I decided to make it available for free download. Thus, the website now presents a complete record of the evolution of the concept of tychiformation.

In a nut shell, around 1963 I embarked on an excursion in thought, and after several years of professional practice as an architect and urban planner, I conceived the motion of tychiformation; this is articulated in my first unpublished book.

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August 6, 2016
by Ismail Rifaat
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“Our Revolution”

The Race to the White House this year was often entertaining. However, apart from the usual presidential campaign antics, it reflected a most serious and meaningful development. In contrast with scores of politicians blowing their horns, one candidate stood out among the crowd as a sincere person who thoroughly understands the issues that plague the country, and who has an actual plan to address them, namely: Senator Bernie Sanders. No wonder that he earned the sympathy of millions of voters, and came close to securing the Democratic Party nomination. Alas, the political establishment and the news media systematically contrived to stifle his campaign, and he had to graciously withdraw from the race.

I am an ardent believer in Senator Sanders’ message. His position and views are almost identical to those expressed on this site as well as my published books. Thankfully, he decided to continue advancing his views and is establishing an entity that he dubbed “Our Revolution” to promote the progressive cause.

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