A call for rigorous tychiformation

Like MLK, “I have a dream”. MLK’s dream was to rectify the status of African American citizens in the USA; a dream that has been largely, though not completely fulfilled. My dream has been, and continues to be, to do whatever I can to “optimize the chances of everybody’s survival and wellbeing”; irrespective of color, nationality, or creed. While my dream -shared by many- is considerably more ambitious, I am convinced that it is neither fundamentally implausible, nor totally impracticable. It simply requires the mobilization of considerable resources, and is likely to take decades to accomplish a measure of success. Above all, prerequisite efforts need to be focused, thoroughly structured, and continuous.

As I have repeatedly expressed in my books and on this website, I never dreamt of solving the problems of the world on my own. In fact, I defined the kinds of entities that could be involved in the pursuit of my dream, such as the UN, benevolent philanthropists, and academic institutions, and did call for others to be involved, both in my writing and by directly approaching some such entities. For example, roughly twenty years ago, I approached the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the University of California at Berkley, seeking support and collaboration. In the lack of positive responses, I continued reluctantly to do what I could on my own, through writing books and maintaining this website.

A few years ago I learned about the Burggruen Institute whose expressed goals seemed to uncannily reflect the aim of tychiformarion. I also learned about their Philosophy Prize intended to recognize and reward thinkers whose work contributes to the understanding and promotion of the Institute’s cause. In fact, some members of my family, friends, and colleagues who are familiar with my work felt that it fits the Institute’s requirements for consideration for the award, and nominated me for the prize two years in a row. The Prize for 2016 and 2017 though was awarded to two prominent professors of philosophy. I urge the reader to visit the Burggruen Institute’s website and learn about its admirable efforts.

I cite this recent development because it revived my hopes for engaging others in the pursuit of tychiformation. Now, I feel a sense of urgency to more vigorously pursue “my dream”. In particular, I believe that the concept of tychiformation embodies the most effective methodology to achieve the dream, if adopted and applied by an appropriately staffed entity dedicated to the fulfillment of tychiformation’s expressed goals; as outlined in my book “Planning for Survival”. Furthermore, having contemplated inherent global issues for several decades, I am acutely aware of the most critical of these issues, and have definitive ideas about how tychiformation efforts could be structured to address them, and what types of action are likely to emerge from the rigorous application of tychiformation. Thus, I write today to renew my call for collaboration with others, in the hope that my call for collaboration will be heard by suitable likeminded parties. I also plan to approach certain institutions that I believe would be up to the task to seek their collaboration; including the Burggruen Institute.

Qualified individuals and institutions interested in my proposal are requested to Email me at irifaat@gmail.com.


Author: Ismail Rifaat

Ismail Rifaat is an architect and urban planner with extensive international experience in architecture and city planning. He also served as planning expert on two United Nations assignments. He is the author of "Shaping the Future: For the People, By The People" and "Planning for Survival". Both titles are available on Amazon.com.

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