Planning for Survival: Tychiformation II

Book - Planning for Survival: Tychiformation II

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What are the topmost strategic issues facing the world community today, and what are the most critical among them that need to be addressed as a matter of priority?

Author Ismail Rifaat introduces a ground breaking strategic planning approach to addressing global affairs that provides answers to this question. His innovative approach aims at preserving life and promoting a peaceful evolution of civil society.

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Shaping the Future, FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE, What to do now!

Global affairs book by Ismail RifaatLet us face it. We are experiencing dire conditions reminiscent of the Great Depression!
The ‘Occupy’ movement reflected this fact, and demonstrated that ‘the people’ have had enough and are beginning to revolt.

However, those who revolt often express their outrage, without being prepared for expressing their demands for action, and without conceiving the arguments that are needed to convince others of the legitimacy of their cause. This book attempts to lend a hand in this respect.

The book explains the causes of our economic and political woes, and proposes ways to cope with them. Many are engaged in this vein, albeit in fragmented ways. By comparison, this book deals with problems in a comprehensive but concise fashion.

The book includes advice ‘to the people’ in the short and long term, as well as a plea to those in power to address current problems.

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