Book: Planning for Survival

Tychiformation II

By Ismail Rifaat

Book - Planning for Survival: Tychiformation II

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Author Ismail Rifaat introduces a ground-breaking strategic planning approach to addressing global affairs. In 1998, he coined “tychiformation” from the Greek “tychi” meaning “future” and “forma” meaning “shape” to signify his innovative approach to “shaping the future.” It aims at preserving life and promoting peaceful evolution of civil society.

He applies tychiformation to identify key issues impacting our survival and to devise ways to cope with them. Moral, religious, and political issues, and topics ranging from scientific R&D, to health care, population growth, sectarian and national disparities, and human nature are addressed.

He discusses the Israeli/Palestinian problem, terrorism, and the war in Iraq and highlights the criticality of the issues which entail compromise of innocent life, and the expenditure of enormous resources towards destructive ends.

He believes that “illicit greed” and relicious radicalism lie at the root of these problems. Rifaat points out that the U.S. is in a privileged position to lead global planning. However, he notes that the influence of special interests in the U.S. seems to stifle the practice of democracy to the detriment of American citizens and most of the people of the world, an proposes ways to address this critical condition.

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