How come, President-elect Trump!?

Traditionally, the Democratic Party has been recognized as the party of the people, while the Republican Party has been acknowledged as supporting business interests and the wealthiest amongst us. Without any doubt, the majority of US citizens are experiencing negative economic conditions, while the top 1% is skimming the cream off of the common people’s toil. So, how come the people elected a billionaire republican to be their next president!?

In my view, the Democratic Party apparatus is the main culprit. Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders understood the issues at hand, and presented an astute agenda to address them. The Democratic Party apparatus could have stood behind him; little doubt in my mind that he would have fared better against Mr. Trump. Instead, the Democratic Party promoted Secretary Clinton, who has been affiliated with special interests in the US, which in turn, substantially weakened her challenge of Mr. Trump. I must add in this context that President Obama tried as best as he could to implement the progressive agenda, but that his efforts were systematically thwarted by special interests in the US.

What to do now is a big question. The politically correct answer is for all to work with Mr. Trump towards ‘the common good of all the people’; a rhetorical cliché that I wonder about how it could actually be implemented.

The predicament of US citizen, and others around the world, lies totally in the hands of the President Elect. He has consistently changed his position about relevant issues, and may continue to do so. Accordingly, alas, it seems that we all have to accept the proposition that we will have to continue to drift towards an unknown future; contrary to the goal of tychiformation!  

Author: Ismail Rifaat

Ismail Rifaat is an architect and urban planner with extensive international experience in architecture and city planning. He also served as planning expert on two United Nations assignments. He is the author of "Shaping the Future: For the People, By The People" and "Planning for Survival". Both titles are available on

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