“Our Revolution”

The Race to the White House this year was often entertaining. However, apart from the usual presidential campaign antics, it reflected a most serious and meaningful development. In contrast with scores of politicians blowing their horns, one candidate stood out among the crowd as a sincere person who thoroughly understands the issues that plague the country, and who has an actual plan to address them, namely: Senator Bernie Sanders. No wonder that he earned the sympathy of millions of voters, and came close to securing the Democratic Party nomination. Alas, the political establishment and the news media systematically contrived to stifle his campaign, and he had to graciously withdraw from the race.

I am an ardent believer in Senator Sanders’ message. His position and views are almost identical to those expressed on this site as well as my published books. Thankfully, he decided to continue advancing his views and is establishing an entity that he dubbed “Our Revolution” to promote the progressive cause. I urge visitors of this site to support Senator Sanders in this worthy effort. I do not have a link to his new organization which I suspect is ‘under construction’. This is a heads up notice to follow up on its creation, and a call to support “Our Revolution”.  

Author: Ismail Rifaat

Ismail Rifaat is an architect and urban planner with extensive international experience in architecture and city planning. He also served as planning expert on two United Nations assignments. He is the author of "Shaping the Future: For the People, By The People" and "Planning for Survival". Both titles are available on Amazon.com.

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