What is Tyhciformation?

In December of 1998 I coined “Tychiformation” from the Greek “tychi” meaning future, and “forma” meaning shape to signify shaping the future purposefully in a rational manner; as opposed to drifting aimlessly towards an unknown future.

The conception of tychiformation resulted from an excursion in though that began in the early nineteen sixties during my research to prepare a doctorate thesis in architecture at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. The main lesson learned from this research was that people will disagree about all matters involving value judgment, but that matters relating to life and death may be more amenable to general agreement. In addition, forty years of subsequent international professional experience as an architect and urban planner convinced me that the planning process which I used in practice presets a powerful approach to problem solving. A synthesis of these two insights led to the conception of tychiformation.

Since the inception of tychiformation I wrote four books. The first “A Report of Personal Experience & Suggestions for Strategic Direct Democratic Tychiformation” was completed in 2003. It explains in detail how I came about to conceive tychiformation. The book is philosophical and has not been published. The second book “Planning for Survival”, briefly explains how I conceived tychiformation and applies the concept to global conditions; it was published in 2008. The book sets the goal of ‘preserving life’ and applies a systematic planning methodology to assess and address global conditions to reach this end. It probes the threats to human survival both relating to man and to nature and yields conclusions critical of the US and Israel. The third book “For the People by the People” probes the conditions in the US that led to a negative state of affairs, and proposes action to address these conditions; this book was published in 2011. The fourth book “The Crisis of Islamism” published in 2015, addresses long standing issues in the Middle East which contributed to the rise of ISIS and terrorism. The four books are featured on the right column of this page.

Tychiformation presents ideas sympathetic with the progressive movement which attempts to address issues based on factual information without preconceived nationalistic, religious, ethnic, or political bias. Numerous progressive entities sprang up on TV and on the internet in recent years. Links to some pertinent progressive entities are provided above.