The Philosophical Foundations of Tychiformation

A Report of Personal Experience, and Suggestions for Strategic Direct Democratic TychiformationThis site features three books that I published in the past few years. However, I actually authored four.

The first book I wrote is titled “A Report of Personal Experience, and Suggestions for Strategic Direct Democratic Tychiformation”. I completed the 8th ‘final’ draft in June 2003. It is philosophical -the main reason why I did not publish it, since very few nowadays are inclined to read a philosophical discourse. The book though is relevant to exposing the development of my thoughts. Therefore, I decided to make it available for free download. Thus, the website now presents a complete record of the evolution of the concept of tychiformation.

In a nut shell, around 1963 I embarked on an excursion in thought, and after several years of professional practice as an architect and urban planner, I conceived the motion of tychiformation; this is articulated in my first unpublished book. Later on, I applied the concept of tychiformation to global conditions as expressed in my second, and first published book: “Planning for Survival”. The next book “For the People by the People” addresses relevant issues in the USA, and the last book “The Crisis of Islamism” addresses issues in the Middle East and the rise of religious radicalism and terrorism.

Generally, my work displays a novel interdisciplinary approach to addressing global issues, and a coherent argument that is systematically derived from basic premises.

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Author: Ismail Rifaat

Ismail Rifaat is an architect and urban planner with extensive international experience in architecture and city planning. He also served as planning expert on two United Nations assignments. He is the author of "Shaping the Future: For the People, By The People" and "Planning for Survival". Both titles are available on

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